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Mémoire believes in the beauty of simplicity. For more than two decades, Mémoire has crafted elegant diamond jewelry in 18K gold and platinum. A trusted brand, Mémoire is known for the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Beauty, as well as strength and sophistication, is reflected in each piece. Classic designs are timeless, and created to be worn for a lifetime. Revered for unique extruded European anniversary bands, Mémoire’s latest band collection, ODESSA™, features a new standard in comfort and wearability- the exclusive Ultimate Fit™. Try on an ODESSA band and you’ll be sure to say “Oh!”An unwavering commitment to quality and innovation makes Mémoire an eternal favorite of fine jewelry connoisseurs.Celebrate your treasured milestones with a classic symbol of enduring love.Mémoire, How memories are held™.