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Finding the right ring that screams out YES is tough. With so many cuts and shapes it can be difficult to choose the right ring that describes your significant other.Here is a list of the different cuts and shapes of different diamonds.

Round Cut:

This popular cut is a timeless classic that displays grace and beauty. It is the most popular shape of diamonds with approximately 75% of all diamonds sold being round diamonds. 

Round diamonds are more expensive than other cuts since their carat quality is higher as well as their maximized light performance.  The round cut is beautiful on any hand shape, size, or finger. A timeless classic that is always in style!

Princess Cut:

A modern alternative to the round cut, shaped in square and rectangle form. This cut sparkles and shines from every corner unlike its rival cuts that usually shine mainly in the center. 

The princess cut is the second most popular choice to the round cut with a lower price range giving the purchaser a flexible range to choose from. It looks beautiful on all hand shapes and sizes, as well as in all carat sizes. Its shape helps disguise any inclusions. This cut gives you a contemporary look that appeals to almost everyone.

Marquise Cut:

The marquise cut also known as the football shaped diamond is one of the largest looking diamond shaped rings out there. Its oval shape gives it a large surface area makes it appear larger than its carat weight. This cut does wonders for women looking to give the effect of longer more slender fingers.

Cushion Cut:

The cushion cut also known as the pillow cut is a square shaped diamond with rounded corners. Its was the star of ring cuts before the round cut took its place. 

This diamond cut looks very clear due to its rounded corners releasing a rainbow-like reflection. It can be shaped as a square or rectangle. This cut has a modern classic look to it that is especially flattering on wide fingers.

Emerald Cut:

Emerald cut diamonds differ from other cuts. Even their look is different. This diamond cut is rectangular with a step cut facet. This cut has a large table that showcases clarity inclusions and colors, which is why higher grades of diamonds are used. Similarly, this kind of glamorous sophisticated looking diamond is bought for its clarity and cut not for its shine.

Pear Cut:

The pear cut also known as the teardrop is a hybrid of the round and marquise cuts. It is round from one side with a pointed tip on the other. This cut is unique and elegant making it the perfect shape for a pendent or halo setting ring. The pear cut is beautiful for all fingers and hands, but particularly for shorter fingers since it gives a slimmer appearance.

Asscher Cut:

Asscher cut diamonds are similar to emerald cut diamonds in their shape and style; they were created and named after a diamond cutter in the early 1900’s. The only difference in this cut is that it is a square shape as well as reflects more light than the emerald cut. In recent years the asscher diamond has gained more popularity among people with vintage taste.

Oval Cut:

You could call cut the sister of the round cut. They are very similar to round cut diamonds in every way except their shape. They are oval but share the same number of large facets that makes the round cut diamond sparkle and shine. They are modern with a classic twist looking great on all hands, making fingers look slim and long.

Heart Cut:

What says I love you more than a heart shaped diamond ring. The heart cut is the typical romantic go to diamond cut. Only recommendation when purchasing this type of cut is to stay away from anything below 0.50 carats because preserving the heart shape is harder in smaller diamonds.

Radiant Cut:

This kind of cut is a mix of other types of diamond cuts. It is rectangular in shape with trimmed corners. It is a combination of the emerald, princess cut, and cushion in one. This unique and sparkly cut would shine even brighter if mixed with other cuts on a ring.

Here at M. Robinson Fine Jewelers — located in Bee Caves TX — we provide all of these ring cuts and more. We will help you make the right decision when it comes to the ring that suits your style, taste, and preference. Book an appointment today.