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If you are considering selling a piece of jewelry, whether an old engagement or wedding ring, gemstone earrings or a vintage piece you inherited, you might be wondering how to appraise jewelry yourself so that you know how much to ask for what you’re selling.

Or perhaps you’re wanting to determine the worth of a special piece for insurance purposes or will-and-estate planning.

There are a lot of things to consider when attempting to place a monetary value on fine jewelry.  Type and weight of the metals, size and specifications of any stones, and rarity of the cut or design can all affect the total worth. It’s helpful if you’re still in possession of the original appraisal, or if you happen to have a lab report detailing the cut, color, clarity and carat.

Those things, coupled with a wealth of additional information available online, including tools like appraisal calculators, can give you a general understanding of what your particular piece may be worth.

However, these resources, while often educational, are no substitute for a current professional jewelry appraisal. Not only is every piece of fine jewelry unique in some fashion, but the prices of precious metals, diamonds, and other gemstones change with the market. Even when you do your research, you may be surprised to learn that your piece is worth more or less than when it was originally purchased.

In addition, insurance companies require a professional appraisal as proof of ownership of the pieces you wish to protect and verification of the value of the jewelry. Current appraisals are beneficial when renewing policies to determine whether or not your fine jewelry is still adequately insured for today’s replacement costs.

That’s why we recommend jewelry be reappraised professionally every five years to maintain accurate insurance coverage, fine tune estate planning, and assist you in getting top value when selling your fine jewelry.

The master appraiser at M. Robinson Jeweler in Austin is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as an expert in preparing appraisals on all types of modern and vintage jewelry. Our comprehensive appraisals include a scientific inspection, detailed description, replacement values, and pictures from various angles.

If you need a current appraisal of your fine jewelry for any reason, contact M. Robinson Jewelers in Bee Cave for an appointment.