The World’s Finest Jewelry In Austin

The words fine jewelry tend to thrown around in the industry to the point that many think that any lovely ring, watch or pendant at a higher price point qualifies as such.

But true fine jewelry is much more than beautiful.  Fine jewelry pieces, which do cost well more than their lesser counterparts, will retain their value over a lifetime, often increasing in worth. That is due to the attention to detail in their inspired designs, as well the types of materials used in craftsmanship.

Fine jewelry pieces are always comprised of solid metals like solid gold, sterling silver, platinum or other precious metals and  adorned with real gemstones such as diamond, sapphires or pearls optimally place and sized for each piece.

Because there is no plating or filling in fine jewelry metals, it offers a strength and durability to match its brilliance and beauty— meaning you don’t need to save it for special occasions. It can be worn every day if desired!

The higher quality of fine jewelry ensures each piece will last for generations and, if needed, can withstand resizing or other alteration without damaging the integrity of the design.

M. Robinson Jewelers offers an extensive collection of the world’s most exclusive jewelry designers to our clients close to home, as well as many across the country.

Roberto Coin

With renowned Italian designs that are at once modern and classic, the Roberto Coin collection features artisan pieces that can make a statement on their own or be elegantly layered to create a look as unique as the wearer.  Innovation, imagination and youthful creativity shine as brightly as the metals and stones used in every Roberto Coin creation.


For more than 50 years, Pomellota’s signature style has expressed an avante-garde approach to fine jewelry that combines classic goldsmithing with unusual cuts of precious gems in sophisticated colored-stone combinations. The visionary designs in the Pomellata collections are often unconventionally beautiful and always awe-inspiring.


Recently, pearls have returned to the forefront of fine jewelry, as they have many times in the past, due to their timeless elegance and unmatched sophistication. As the originator of cultured pearls, Mikimoto has been synonymous with luxury pearls since 1901, and to this day continues to offer the highest quality, most luminous pearl on the market.


The Tacori celebration collection is the first place many turn when wanting to mark a special occasion with fine jewelry. With exquisite, ever-evolving designs, each piece in Tacori’s line reflects a dedicated focus to beauty and detail. Whether you’re celebrating a beginning or marking an end, Tacori guarantees to make it a moment to remember.

Le Vian

La Vian Couture is known for passionately reinventing several categories of fine jewelry by intricately combining diamonds, gems and gold in uniquely colorful ways. Its strawberry gold peacock aquaprase 12+ carat pendant is a prime example. With no respect for copycat designs, each piece in the La Vian Collection starts out as a completely original idea guaranteed to be a work of art upon completion.

While M. Robinson Jewelers boasts an impressive selection of the world’s most admired fine jewelry designers including these and others, that is not the only reason we are the premier source for the design and manufacture of exquisite fine jewelry. The relationships we build with our valued clients and the many years of experience we have in the industry breeds a trust that ensures every one of life’s most special moments is safe when entrusted to M. Robinson Jewelers.