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The Experience

You may reserve a special time slot for your Gentlemen’s Manhattan Experience.  You will be assigned a jewelry professional to answer all your questions, show you around, make your holiday wish list, drink a Manhattan (or something else), and purchase for others while enjoying social distancing. There will be a few surprises and gifts throughout the night.  Come alone or with a friend.

The Gift

We are making shopping for your significant other easy and fun for you. If you are receiving this invite, we already have the holiday wish list that they filled out, so no guesswork involved. It has been a rough 2020, so give them a gift of love and encouragement that will have them smiling every day of 2021.

Appointments are not required, but recommended.

The Time

Due to the current state of things, we wanted to offer a healthy and safe way for people to get out to enjoy themselves. To keep in line with safety protocols, we ask that you wear a mask as you walk around and respect social distancing guidelines.