Watch Appraisal in Austin

For watch appraisals in Austin, Bee Cave, or Lakeway areas, our appraisers are experts in authenticating and preparing appraisals inlcuding descriptions, value, and various photo angles. We have extensive knowledge of brands like Omega, Tag Heuer, Franck Muller, and Breitling.

Appraisals are recommended every five years to maintain accurate insurance coverage.  We appraise all types of jewelry – rings, bracelets, watches, vintage, etc.

All jewelry appraisals are done on Tuesday between 12 – 5 PM by appointment only. Please bring any previous appraisals, lab reports, or supporting documents when you come in for the first time.


Schedule an Appraisal

    Our jewelry appraiser is only in-house on the 1st Wednesday of every month. The charge is $125 for the first item and $95 for each additional.

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